What’s included in a service


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What’s included in your individual service depends on the brand and type of motor drive package that is installed in your boat, but as a general rule our 100 hour seasonal service covers many of the necessary aspects to keep your boat trouble free.

Once the boat has been lifted onto the hardstand we will initially run the boat and check over the operation. Once we are satisfied with the overall function, we then;

  • Remove the drive which is then taken into our workshop
  • Inspect the universals
  • Service the drive (often the drive can suffer from water intrusion from damaged seals etc. Intakes for cooling water can also become blocked resulting in the engine overheating, all these items are covered during the drive servicing)
  • Pressure wash the transom area to remove any debris that has accumulated over the period that the boat has been moored.
  • Once the transom area is clean we then inspect the universal bellows and transom for wear and tear.
  • Often problems that are picked up here can save costly repairs, this area is also very important for keeping water from entering the boat.